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Friday, January 30, 2004

McCain Wants WMD Inquiry

Good job Johny. You get to move to the head of the class...for a lynching by your Republican brothers-in-arms.

Read the story

U.S. military 'sure' of catching bin Laden this year

My "cynical" (read: pragmatic) take on the matter? They've got the guy already. They're just waiting for the right time to spring the news. Presidential election season anyone?

Check out the story, see what you think.


Thursday, January 29, 2004

All Wrong

Yeppo, I totally missed my call on the primary. Oh well. I was tired...yeah..thats it.


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Sperm whale explodes in Tainan City

Yeah, one of the wierder stories I've seen too. Check it out here.

New Hampshire

Tomorrow's Election Results

1 Dean
2 Kerry
3 Edwards

1 and 2 will have razor-thin margins, but carry a modest lead over the remainder.


Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Lawrence M. Small, Head of the Smithsonian Institution, Violates law protecting endangered birds

Just had to post this story. Gotta love the govment.

Sound Clip: Howard Dean, or Macho Man Randy Savage?

Check out this bizarre sound clip from Howard Dean after finishing at a weak third in Iowa. He names several states that he will continue to "fight through", he sounds crazier and crazier, and then loses it at the end. Classic. I hope he gets the nom.


Saturday, January 10, 2004

Saddam Ouster Planned Early '01

No surprise to those of us who understand who global policy really works. However, for the rest of you, check out this story from no less of a source than CBS.


Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Kucinich Shows Pie Chart on Radio Debate


From the AP

January 6, 2004, 8:44 PM EST

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Federal spending was the topic and Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich came prepared with a pie chart to argue his point about a bloated Pentagon budget.

But although many listened to Tuesday's presidential debate, few could see the Ohio congressman's prop.

The debate was broadcast only on National Public Radio.

As Kucinich challenged Democratic front-runner Howard Dean for refusing to acknowledge that the Pentagon budget needs to be cut, debate moderator Neal Conan of NPR interrupted.

"Congressman Kucinich is holding up a pie chart, which is not truly effective on radio," Conan told his listeners.

Kucinich was not deterred.

"Well, it's effective if Howard can see it," he replied.
Copyright © 2004, The Associated Press


Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Clever Bush-Hitler Rip

Here's a clever bit from that uber-leftie Marc Ash over at Truthout.com

That Pesky Bush-Hitler Thing
t r u t h o u t | Commentary
By Marc Ash

Tuesday 06 January 2004

Here we go again. Another bone-head with a Bush-Hitler analogy. How many times have we told folks this? Bush is not Hitler, Bush is not Hitler, Bush is not Hitler. Holy cow, this is getting really frustrating. Why won't this thing die?

Just because his grandfather Prescott Bush financed Hitler's rise to power, do they think that means George W. Bush has Nazi tendencies? That's absurd. Is it fair to say that just because the U.S. government had to step in and shut down Prescott Bush's Union Banking Corporation operations in New York in 1942, under the Trading With the Enemy Act, that this Bush should viewed with caution and skepticism? That's just silly.

And who are these bloody Europeans who keep comparing Bush to Hitler? Take that German Justice Minister, Herta Däubler-Gmelin, who compared Bush's dealings on Iraq to those of Hitler. That really takes the cake, now doesn't it? What do the Germans know of Hitler anyway? Why should they feel empowered to warn the world of such impending dangers? Why couldn't they just shut-up and help us kill the Iraqis?

The worst has to be Newsweek's Poland bureau. The story they published titled "The Bush Family and Nazis" was completely out of left field. Who cares that the story states "The Bush family reaped the benefits of slave labor in the Auschwitz concentration camp"?

The important thing here is that George W. Bush is very patriotic. RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie is right. His boy George is clean, that's right, clean as a whistle. No skulls or bones in his closet for sure.

This thing has to stop right now. New rules: If you are a journalist and you talk about Bush and Hitler, you're fired on the spot, no ifs, ands, or buts. If you are an official and you try it, you will be forced to resign -- you're done. And for all of you trouble-makers out there who want to keep it up on your own, we can keep track of you with the Patriot Act.

You can send comments to t r u t h o u t Executive Director Marc Ash at: director@mail.truthout.org

So...Rumsfield, Still Think We've Got Plenty of Troops?

Yeah right. The US Army has now put out new marching orders for its soldiers. "You can't get out." The "stop loss" order, as they call it, orders all soldiers who are about to retire, who have ended their contractual obligations to the army, or who otherwise were living, to stay in the army. The use of this order, first used in the 1st Gulf War, is decried by many as a harsh turn from the all-volunteer military policy we've had since Vietnam

To my eyes, this seems to be mearly a look at things to come. As our military continues to be stretched to thin policing the world, as order by our "conservative" president, it is becoming obvious to us laymen that we have a problem. We either have too many deployments, or not enough troops. However, this does not seem to have been noticed by Rumsfeld and the hawks at the Defense Department. They just keep saying everything is fine, we don't need more troops...blah blah.

Watch it friends, it is coming. Don't even try to draft me.


Thursday, January 01, 2004

My 2004 Predictions!

Aren’t you all so excited? Sure you are. These predictions are all guaranteed to be 100% accurate. However, given quantum mechanics, the fact that I have looked into the future and observed these events, I could have changed said events simply by observing them. If said quantum flux occurs, it shall negate the abovementioned 100% guarantee.

1. Howard Dean becomes the Democrat nominee for POTUS.
2. Bush beats Dean by about 14%.
3. Iraq continues to be a money pit, and we will lose more men and women over there. The “schedule” for Iraqi self-government will not be able to be followed.
4. Weather patterns continue to be aberrant and extreme.
5. Michael Savage will finally be taken off the air and put in a home.
6. The Republicans will gain2 seats in the Senate.
7. The Libertarians will continue to flounder because the “party” has no real leadership.
8. The Office of the President is forced to disclose the briefings requested by the 9/11 Commission, but it won’t have to disclose anything from the “Energy Summit.”
9. JLB continues to be wonderful.
10. Kobe will be tried and found innocent. Or, more likely, the case will be dropped.
11. Michael Jackson is also found innocent, but his business viability will never recover.
12. Liberal radio shows begin to emerge into syndication. The “Liberal Radio Network” however, isn’t able to get a foot hold.
13. The Israeli situation continues to worsen. There will be another round of suicide bombings between January and March, then a lull for a few months.
14. Iran’s government will be overthrown. Supposedly by moderate insurgents in Iran. Of course, they will be supplied and financed by US.
15. A surprise key issue arises in the Presidential Debates: Medicinal Marijuana.

I suppose that’s it for now. Take care my friends.

The Riverman

Another note on Elliot Smith

I just found that Elliot's family has established a trust . Any donations or questions can be mailed to:

Elliott Smith Memorial Fund
2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #195
Los Angeles, CA 90039

I urge you all to go pick up an album or two. Particularly XO or Either/Or. I promise you won't be disappointed.

9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable

Yep, that's right. Shocking huh? Nah, didn't think so.

From CBSNews.com:

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2003

For the first time, the chairman of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is saying publicly that 9/11 could have and should have been prevented, reports CBS News Correspondent Randall Pinkston.

"This is a very, very important part of history and we've got to tell it right," said Thomas Kean.

"As you read the report, you're going to have a pretty clear idea what wasn't done and what should have been done," he said. "This was not something that had to happen."

Full Story


Personally, I feel this is one of those instances where a bit of truth will be used to wiggle around the rest of the facts.... Such is the game they play.

Elliot Smith, Dead at 34

This probably isn't news to most of you, as he died in October. However, I didn't know until I came across the story yesterday.

Smith was found dead in by his girlfriend on October 21 in the appartment in LA where they lived. The police say he committed suicide by stabbing himself in the chest. The coroner said that he died from two "penetrating stab wounds" to the chest. An odd way to kill yourself, if you ask me. Anyway, the police say the case is still open. My money is on the girlfriend.

The very talented singer/song writer achieved modest commercial success and a strong underground following in the 90's and on into the 00's. I didn't discover him until around 00 myself. Incredibly deep melodic music with introspective and soulfull lyrics. Often the quality of the music would overpower his quiet, dark lyrics. Smith was an artist I would cite as an influence, if I ever make it musically. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in Peace, Elliot

august 6, 1969 - october 21, 2003


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