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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Voter Fraud Is Not Just Someone Else's Problem

you can find the whole story here. i've posted an excerpt below.

Voter rolls stuffed with dead and absent registrants
By Bert Case

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Mississippi's voter situation is hard to believe. Places like Madison County have over 123% more registered voters than people over the age of 18.

Sue Sautermeister, First District Election Commissioner in Madison County, tried to purge the rolls, but ran into trouble when it was discovered it takes a vote of three of the five election commissioners and the purge cannot take place within 90 days of a federal election.

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is the first to admit the situation with voter registration in this state is terrible.

"It is terrible," he says. "Combined with the fact that we don't have voter ID in Mississippi, anybody can show up at any poll that happens to know the people who have left town or died -- and go vote for them."

the story continues at the WLBT website.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow me to clear up a few misconceptions about our two Presidential candidates and the GOP Vice Presidential Candidate.

McCain / Palin

McCain was not brainwashed to attack the US, or brainwashed at all, while he was a POW in Vietnam.

McCain did not father an African-American child.

Palin did not cut funding for Special Needs Education in Alaska. Not by 62%, not at all.

Palin did not demand, suggest, or ask that books be banned in the Wasilla Public Library.

Palin was never a member of the Alaskan Independence Party.


Obama is not a Muslim.

Obama was born in the United States, Hawaii to be exact.

Obama does sing the National Anthem, he does say the Pledge of Allegiance, and does place his hand over his heart while reciting it.

Obama is not a secret terrorist spy.

Obama does not support Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.

Obama is not gay.

i hope this helps to clear up some things. if you're going to vote, please vote on the issues, and not based on this bovine excrement.

thank you


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Now This Is Just Getting Silly


Poll workers clash at Falls nursing home
Police, elections board investigate alleged assault over marked ballot

By Stephanie Warsmith
Beacon Journal staff writer

Published on Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008

Poll workers from opposing sides in the presidential race apparently clashed in a physical altercation Friday at a Cuyahoga Falls nursing home when one accused the other of improperly marking a ballot.

George Manos, the 75-year-old Republican, told police that Edith Walker, the 73-year-old Democrat, jumped on his back and struck him in the head three to four times with her fists. Manos said two other elections workers had to pull Walker off his back, according to a report filed with Cuyahoga Falls police.




Chambers' suit against God tossed out

BY Christopher Burbach
World-Herald Staff Writer

You can't sue God if you can't serve the papers on him, a Douglas County District Court judge ruled in Omaha Tuesday.

Judge Marlon Polk threw out Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers' lawsuit against the Almighty, saying there was no evidence that the defendant had been served. What's more, Polk found "there can never be service effectuated on the named defendant."

Chambers had sued God in September 2007, seeking a permanent injunction to prevent God from committing acts of violence such as earthquakes and tornadoes.

Although the case may seem superfluous and even scandalous to others, Chambers has said his point is to focus on the question of whether certain lawsuits should be prohibited.

"Nobody should stand at the courthouse door to predetermine who has access to the courts," he said. "My point is that anyone can sue anyone else, even God."

Chambers, an avowed atheist, said he decided to make that point after at least two attempts in the Nebraska Legislature to limit "frivolous lawsuits."

Though I must say, if the purpose of this lawsuit is what the guy says it is, then huzzah for him. Hope it works...


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