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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

John McCain Secures GOP Nom

As of a few minutes ago, John McCain has officially clinched the Republican Presidential nomination for 2008. So, the next big question is, of course, who will he pick for his running mate.

The way I see it, he needs someone a little more conservative than he is perceived to be (though not too conservative so as to alienate the much-needed Independent vote). Also, he needs someone with administrative experience, someone like a current of former Governor. Finally, he'll most likely want someone from the South. Taking the South in the General Election is a make or break proposition for the GOP. Also, he might possibly pick a woman.

My best guesses, as of now, for names are: Huckabee (Gov, AR), Haley Barbour (Gov. MS), Bobby Jindal (Gov. LA).

Of course, it's quite possible that I'm completely off-base...we shall see.


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