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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

One More Cop Who Should be in Jail, Or Maybe Somewhere else.

Read this crap. I want to hit the guy with a bat myself.

A Little Reminder

Things that will never be found:

1. Jimmy Hoffa

2. A Dem that can beat Bush in ‘04

3. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

4. A real road to peace in the Middle East

5. Good peaches in the Middle East

6. My ideal job (getting paid to sleep)

7. A way to make drug prohibition work

8. A democratic Liberia, Columbia, Iraq, etc. etc. etc.

9. Saddam Hussein

10. A car to replace the Firebird in our hearts

11. A competent police officer in this city

12. A good left-wing talk-show host

13. A good right-wing talk-show host (Roger Fredinberg was close)

14. Osama bin Laden

15. Something to get rid of cat pee smell

16. Good lobster in south Mississippi

17. A way to balance the Federal Budget

18. A way to balance MY budget

19. Enough sleep

20. A clever ending for this list


Tuesday, July 22, 2003

For all those Faux News fans

"Wave them flags boys!" or, "Fox News, the Psilocybin of the Masses".


Monday, July 21, 2003


Does anyone else see shades of Vince Foster in this?

Here's an idea.....

Let's send MORE of our troops to die!


Thursday, July 10, 2003

UK Expects no WMD's "likely" to be found in Iraq

Surprise surprise

BBC Story


Tuesday, July 08, 2003

White House Admits Iraq Wasn't Trying to Buy Uranium

One more lie in the bag.

White House Backs Off Claim on Iraqi Buy Uranium


Monday, July 07, 2003

LMAO!! Re: Michael Savage

As you may know. Savage had a weekly show on MSNBC. Well, as of today, he is FIRED! HAAAAAAA!!!


MSNBC fires Savage on anti-gay remarks
Associated Press

NEW YORK - MSNBC on Monday fired Michael Savage for anti-gay comments.

The popular radio talk show host who did a weekend TV show for the cable channel referred to an unidentified caller to his show Saturday as a "sodomite" and said he should "get AIDS and die." ........

Full Story


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