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Saturday, January 23, 2010

On the Earthquakes in Haiti

Nigh on 3 in the morning
and here our power's still on
3 days ago come tomorrow
the fault lines, they groaned,
and shuddered and shouted,
the earth murdered thousands.
but still i hear questions of blame and about
who did/didn't do this thing or that one
which meeting was muffed and which bill was flattened
to fatten the fattest of fat cats or not
or the changing of insurance rates, well the lot
of all those spin talking heads can all burn, yes they'll burn
burn bright and burn long, as far as i am concerned
and one need not commission a poll to be shown
that the truth is the mangled bodies and bones
and small bony children, fighting for food
after their parents were crushed 'neath a roof
and you dare, and YOU DARE, to make this politic?
may you burn long and bright, as we and God tend the sick

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