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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Ok, Seriously

I've gotten hits from 100 different IP's and not a single email. I'd really like to get some feedback, so please email me. Thanks, good karma will come your way.

Bush Volunteer Breaks Trade Law

Remember that packing tape over the "made in china" labels incident? Seems that that was illegal.

High School Riot

Well, at least they've got the balls to riot. But come on, riot about something worthwhile. "Woooooo I'ma riot cause of that there block skedulen wooowooo!" Losers.

Students riot at Montwood


Monday, January 27, 2003

More Idiocy

Come on man...not at school. Have some sense...what an idiot.

NY Daily News - News - Pot brownies a real hit at HS b'day

From the Idiocy in Action Department

WorldNetDaily: Iraq to chair Conference on Disarmament


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's Off to War We Go

Well boys and girls, here it comes. Next weekend will begin the air war on Iraq. Between Thurs 30 and Monday 3, we will begin bombings on Iraq. Of course, I mean other than the ones currently underway in the NFZ's. This weekend is the weekend of the new moon, so our B2's won't be backlit. A perfect time to begin. It's also exactly (I believe) 12 yrs since the first Gulf War. What kind of symbolism that is, I don't know. Any idiot knows war is coming, and I'm too tired to get into why and whether or not we should/n't do it or whether or not I care. I just wanted you all to be ready.


Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Scott Ritter Arrest

So, speak out against the Bushies, and be arrested. That seems to be the deal here. Or, at the very least, it's a very intriguing coincidence.

Call To Arms Re: Drug War

Last year we (anti-drugwar activists et al.) helped the Drug Policy Alliance stop the RAVE Act from becoming law. This year supporters of the draconian drug war bill are back with a vengeance. They have stopped calling it the "RAVE Act" and have stuck its provisions in a popular omnibus domestic security bill. This is a common Congressional ploy: put controversial bills that can't go anywhere on their own into important bills, so that Members of Congress are forced to vote for them.

Your help is needed to stop these disguised RAVE Act provisions from
becoming law!!!

The bill, S.22, is sponsored by Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD). The
troubling drug war provisions are in the section entitled "Crack
House Statute Amendments"


*** Call your two Senators. You can contact your Senators through the
Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. To find out who your Senators
are go to: http://www.senate.gov/senators/senator_by_state.cfm.
Tell them:
1) You oppose the "crack house statute" amendments in S.22.
2) These provisions are just like the provisions in the RAVE Act
last year.
3) The provisions would endanger public health, free speech, and
property rights.
4) Urge them to contact Daschle's office and work to get these
provisions removed from S.22.

** Fax Senator Daschle (even if he is not one of your two Senators).
To fax Senator Daschle go to:


** Please forward this action alert to your friends and family. The
Senate needs to know that voters find this bill unacceptable.

For more information on the RAVE Act and how the S. 22 "crack house" provisions will affect public health, free speech, and property
rights see: http://www.nomoredrugwar.org/music/rave_act.htm


Sunday, January 19, 2003

UK prepares for possible action in Iraq

From Jane's Defence News

UN troops accused of 'systematic' rape in Sierra Leone


Will Pitt Takes on CNN

Email from author Will Pitt to CNN concerning Iraq and inspections.Read the letter.

ACLU Says US Heading Towards 1984

Full Article

Hawaiians call for independence

(abridged article)

Yesterday was the 110th anniversary of the U.S. overthrow

Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Saturday, January 18, 2003

By Ron Staton
Associated Press

Native Hawaiians observed the 110th anniversary of the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani yesterday with calls for unity and independence.

"Our nation is coming. It's inevitable," said Lynette Cruz, co-chairwoman of the Living Nation campaign, an umbrella group which concluded a week-long observance with a rally on the grounds of Iolani Palace, the former home of Queen Liliuokalani, Hawaii's last monarch. "We're all headed down the same path."

That path will lead to independence by taking direction from history and acknowledging that the overthrow was illegal, she said.

"We hope that America will realize that the wrong that was done to the Hawaiian nation can be undone," said Cruz.

The events commemorated Jan. 17, 1893, the date a group of U.S. businessmen and sugar planters forced the queen to abdicate. Five years later, the United States annexed the Republic of Hawaii. The U.S. Territory of Hawaii was granted statehood in 1959.

George W Impeachment Resolution Drafted by Francis Boyle

Worth a look.
Impeachment Resolution

More Bush Sr. Facts

Daddy Bush, Iran-Contra, and GOLD!! Interview with Greg Palast

Sample: " How about this for an example: After Daddy Bush left the White House, he went to work for a company called Barrick Gold Corporation in Canada, something you haven't read in the United States. The first thing he does is pick up a big, fat check and stock options from Barrick Gold Corporation for, essentially, selling them the presidential seal and the presidential Rolodex. And he writes letters to dictators like [former president of Indonesia] Suharto, saying, "Give these nice guys gold-mining concessions." "

Full Story


Thursday, January 16, 2003

T.I.A. Plan Running into some Opposition on the Hill

Full article from C|Net.com

Senate Ends Impasse on Committee Funding

Las Vegas SUN Article


Saturday, January 11, 2003

The Kill Everyone Project

Ahhh....men after my own heart.Nice plan.

Convenience store owner in walker shoots would-be robbers

"I got two in one shot, that's what the police told me," says J.C. Adams, 74, who killed one would-be robber and wounded a second. About three years ago, Adams shot and killed a man who tried to hold up his store. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Full Story


Welcome Back Students!

Ahh, it's that time of year again. Christmas is over, and the spring semester has begun. For some of you, this is it. You'll be done in May. Kudos to you. Then there's the rest of us. 20-somethings who screwed around and somehow manage to remain sophomores year after year. No matter. My message is equally important to all. That message is simply this. CAUSE SOME DAMN THOUGHT!! Our mind dead campuses need your help. I don't care if you're a right wing fundie at UC Berkley, or a Libertarian at Generic Southern Baptist Junior College (sound famialiar local boys and girls?). Say something, do something. Diversity of thought is the most overlooked and persectuted of all diversity. And it's up to US to do something about it.

Don't expect your profs to enlighten you. YOU have to enlighten yourselves, and on that path, enlighten OTHERS as well. Put up some Socialist banners, or a Libertarian poster, or an invitation to your youth group or satanic church. My point is simply, make yourselves known. Show the campus thought police (whichever side they may be on where you live) that other paradigms exist. Something doesn't have to be RIGHT to encourage thought. Buy sticker paper from Office Depot (or steal it, if you're that kind of person). Hit the xerox and make a few dozen copies of your propaghanda of choice and tape that stuff everywhere. Just do something. I gaurentee it will make you feel better, and it WILL change thought patterns. If ever ONE person questions the NORMS, you've done a great thing. If you need any good ideas on what to put up, just email me


Thursday, January 09, 2003

A Separation From the Usual

I rarely do this, but I am posting here an editorial from the UK Independent in its entirety. It is that good and that important. Read and learn.

Robert Fisk: The double standards, dubious morality and duplicity of this fight against terror


04 January 2003

I think I'm getting the picture. North Korea breaks all its nuclear agreements with the United States, throws out UN inspectors and sets off to make a bomb a year, and President Bush says it's "a diplomatic issue". Iraq hands over a 12,000-page account of its weapons production and allows UN inspectors to roam all over the country, and – after they've found not a jam-jar of dangerous chemicals in 230 raids – President Bush announces that Iraq is a threat to America, has not disarmed and may have to be invaded. So that's it, then.

How, readers keep asking me in the most eloquent of letters, does he get away with it? Indeed, how does Tony Blair get away with it? Not long ago in the House of Commons, our dear Prime Minister was announcing in his usual schoolmasterly tones – the ones used on particularly inattentive or dim boys in class – that
Saddam's factories of mass destruction were "up [pause] and running [pause] now." But the Dear Leader in Pyongyang does have factories that are "up [pause] and running [pause] now". And Tony Blair is silent.

Why do we tolerate this? Why do Americans? Over the past few days, there has been just the smallest of hints that the American media – the biggest and most culpable backer of the White House's campaign of mendacity – has been, ever so timidly, asking a few questions. Months after The Independent first began to draw its readers' attention to Donald Rumsfeld's chummy personal visits to Saddam in Baghdad at the height of Iraq's use of poison gas against Iran in 1983, The Washington Post has at last decided to tell its own readers a bit of what was going on. The reporter Michael Dobbs includes the usual weasel clauses ("opinions differ among Middle East experts... whether Washington could have done more to stop the flow to Baghdad of technology for building weapons of mass destruction"), but the thrust is there: we created the monster and Mr Rumsfeld played his part in doing so.

But no American – or British – newspaper has dared to investigate another, almost equally dangerous, relationship that the present US administration is forging behind our backs: with the military-supported regime in Algeria. For 10 years now, one of the world's dirtiest wars has been fought out in this country, supposedly between "Islamists" and "security forces", in which almost 200,000 people – mostly civilians – have been killed. But over the past five years there has been growing evidence that elements of those same security forces were involved in some of the bloodiest massacres, including the throat-cutting of babies. The Independent has published the most detailed reports of Algerian police torture and of the extra judicial executions of women as well as men. Yet the US, as part of its obscene "war on terror", has cosied up to the Algerian regime. It is helping to re-arm Algeria's army and promised more assistance. William Burns, the US Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East, announced that Washington "has much to learn from Algeria on ways to fight terrorism".

And of course, he's right. The Algerian security forces can instruct the Americans on how to make a male or female prisoner believe that they are going to suffocate. The method – US personnel can find the experts in this particular torture technique workingin the basement of the Château Neuf police station in central Algiers – is to cover the trussed-up victim's mouth with a rag and then soak it with cleaning fluid. The prisoner slowly suffocates.There's also, of course, the usual nail-pulling and the usual wires
attached to penises and vaginas and – I'll always remember the eye-witness description – the rape of an old woman in a police station, from which she emerged, covered in blood, urging other prisoners to resist.

Some of the witnesses to these abominations were Algerian police officers who had sought sanctuary in London. But rest assured, Mr Burns is right, America has much to learn from the Algerians. Already, for example – don't ask why this never reached the newspapers – the Algerian army chief of staff has been warmly welcomed at Nato's southern command headquarters at Naples.And the Americans are learning. A national security official attached to the CIA divulged last month that when it came to prisoners, "our guys may kick them around a little in the adrenaline of the immediate aftermath (sic)." Another US "national security" official announced that "pain control in wounded patients is a very subjective thing". But let's be fair. The Americans may have learnt this wickedness from the Algerians. They could just as well have learned it from the Taliban.

Meanwhile, inside the US, the profiling of Muslims goes on apace. On 17 November, thousands of Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Afghans, Bahrainis, Eritreans, Lebanese, Moroccans, Omanis, Qataris, Somalis, Tunisians, Yemenis and Emiratis turned up at federal offices to be fingerprinted. The New York Times – the most chicken of all the American papers in covering the post-9/11 story – revealed (only in paragraph five of its report, of course) that "over the past week, agency officials... have handcuffed and detained hundreds of men who showed up to be fingerprinted. In some cases the men had expired student or work visas; in other cases, the men could not provide adequate documentation of their immigration status." In Los Angeles, the cops ran out of plastic handcuffs as they herded men off to the lockup. Of the 1,000 men arrested without trial or charges after 11 September, many were native-born Americans.

Indeed, many Americans don't even know what the chilling acronym of the "US Patriot Act" even stands for. "Patriot" is not a reference to patriotism. The name stands for the "United and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act". America's $200m (£125m) "Total Awareness Programme" will permit the US government to monitor citizens' e-mail and internet activity and collect data on the movement of all Americans. And although we have not been told about this by our journalists, the US administration is now pestering European governments for the contents of their own citizens' data files. The most recent – and most preposterous – of these claims came in a US demand for access to the computer records of the French national airline, Air France, so that it could "profile" thousands of its passengers. All this is beyond the wildest dreams of Saddam and the Dear Leader Kim.

The new rules even worm their way into academia. Take the friendly little university of Purdue in Indiana, where I lectured a few weeks ago. With federal funds, it's now setting up an "Institute for Homeland Security", whose 18 "experts" will include executives from Boeing and Hewlett-Packard and US Defense and State Department officials, to organise "research programmes" around "critical mission areas". What, I wonder, are these areas to be? Surely nothing to do with injustice in the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict or the presence of thousands of US troops on Arab lands. After all, it was Richard Perle, the most sinister of George Bush's pro-Israeli advisers, who stated last year that "terrorism must be decontextualised".

Meanwhile, we are – on that very basis – ploughing on to war in Iraq, which has oil, but avoiding war in Korea, which does not have oil. And our leaders are getting away with it. In doing so, we are threatening the innocent, torturing our prisoners and "learning" from men who should be in the dock for war crimes. This, then, is our true
memorial to the men and women so cruelly murdered in the crimes against humanity of 11 September 2001.


Monday, January 06, 2003

One more reason I hate the scum we allow in Law Enforcement

The Smoak Incident

All officers involved should be immediately fired. No pension, no gold watch. Had it been me and my family, I would be hard pressed not to track down and kill the "policemen". Especially the one who gunned down the dog in front of the child. Inexcusable. And of course, outrage from nowhere.

"Remember Billy, the police are your friends. What? Yes Billy, the handcuffs are supposed to hurt."

The Smoak Incident


Saturday, January 04, 2003

Top Five SImilarities Between Hell and Mexico

5. Poor People

4. The Heat

3. The Smell of Rotting Flesh and Feces

2. You Can't Drink the Water, but if You Do, You Will Shoot Blood From Your Anus for 5 Days

1. God Does Not Go to Either Place


Thursday, January 02, 2003

Nevada knows what your doctor gives you

Las Vegas SUN: State given list of patient prescriptions, but not for law enforcement. Not for law enforcement....ha.

Crystal Meth is Bad

Ahh...the joys of hard drug use.


Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Iraq vows to fight much harder than in 1991

From the Iraq daily Newspaper.

Of course it is!

Seems the Iraqis are smarter than most of our citizens.

Is resolution 1441 a pretext for aggression?

No really, it was just stuff for the farm

More bombs and stuff near an airport.

French police lean towards "terrorist" theory over airport arsenal suspect

Ahhh....The Simplicity of war

Well, at least we know who our friends are...wait....umm....at least we know who our enemies are....oh nevermind.

US bombs Pakistani border patrol


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