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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Video Of American Security Contractors Randomly Shooting At Civilians In Iraq

Here's a link to the video.

And here's a link to the story for the London Telegraph. An excerpt:

'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers
By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent
(Filed: 27/11/2005)

A "trophy" video appearing to show security guards in Baghdad randomly shooting Iraqi civilians has sparked two investigations after it was posted on the internet, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

The video has sparked concern that private security companies, which are not subject to any form of regulation either in Britain or in Iraq, could be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Iraqis.

The video, which first appeared on a website that has been linked unofficially to Aegis Defence Services, contained four separate clips, in which security guards open fire with automatic rifles at civilian cars. All of the shooting incidents apparently took place on "route Irish", a road that links the airport to Baghdad.

The road has acquired the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous in the world because of the number of suicide attacks and ambushes carried out by insurgents against coalition troops. In one four-month period earlier this year it was the scene of 150 attacks.

In one of the videoed attacks, a Mercedes is fired on at a distance of several hundred yards before it crashes in to a civilian taxi. In the last clip, a white civilian car is raked with machine gun fire as it approaches an unidentified security company vehicle. Bullets can be seen hitting the vehicle before it comes to a slow stop.

Back Baby

Yes, it's true, I finally have a functioning internet connection again!!! I may even update my blog. But probably not.



Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Now They Want To Take Over The Net Too

Yes, the UN et al. wants control of the internet, see this story, Beware a 'Digital Munich'.

It seems that soon, in Tunisia, there will be an event called the World Summit on the Information Society. This is a transparent effort by the UN to wrench control of the Internet from the hands of entrepreneurs and independent technophiles.

Many in the US Congress are standing up to fight this, as must we. As to HOW we do this, I dunno. But we should.


France Burns, And No One Cares

I certainly don't. However, this is a fascinating turn of events, and it offers lessons to us all about myriad things. Were we all to look.

For instance, there is Pat Buchanan's excellent article Paris Burning: How Empires End.

A small excerpt:

Nor should Americans take comfort in France’s distress. By 2050, there will be 100 million Hispanics in the United States, half of them of Mexican ancestry, heavily concentrated in a Southwest most Mexicans still believe by right belongs to them.

And for those of you who know nothing of what I'm writing about, here's a link to a news story about it, Leaders fiddle as France burns

Again, an excerpt:

France was struggling to overcome one of its gravest post-war crises last night as every major city faced the threat of fierce rioting that began 12 nights ago and now seems to have spun out of control.

Despite an assurance from Philippe Douste Blazy, the foreign minister, that France was "not a dangerous country", the spread of violence prompted the Foreign Office in London to warn travellers that trouble could break out "almost anywhere".

Dominique de Villepin, the beleaguered prime minister, announced that officials in riot-hit areas would be authorised to impose late-night curfews "wherever it is necessary" in a bid to halt the disturbances

Go America.

Just don't be like France.

Go Broncos.



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