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Friday, July 14, 2006

Quote Of The Day

Good fashion, like a good joke, must have one thing well exaggerated or juxtaposed.

A Short One

the deed is done
he said to her
in tones both old and cold

the dead man said
no murderer
will ever find my home
no ill intent shall ever reach
into my walls of stone
no revenge
or recompense
shall darken my abode

the dead man died
without a word
and we did find his home
the house, it stays
although ablaze
and he remains alone

A Comment, And A Poem

The material below and to follow may be reposts, in part or in entirity. Enjoy and/or ignore as you see fit.

Sunsets And Purgatory

The sun sets everyday
The winter comes next month
Butterflies die in the fall
But some think more of us

Some say the man never dies
His soul is neigh eternal
Some say the man shall live throughout
Tis little help come funerls

The sun has set again today
His soul mayhaps alive
The butterflies died just last week
And here his mother cries

Hardcore Song, Written By A Good Friend

Decipher and interpret as you'd like.

Their plastic forks and plastic plates
just can't pacify my sick-sad mind
TV dinners' left too sick my head my heart but weeps
And my eyes

Pork-pie hats and glue
won't cut it anymore
for me I gotta go
but fast but where
Dickens's but a wanker
granted nice a person
Orwell scares to death
but what with all the pigs,
its fine

School books left too sick my head my heart but weeps
and broods
my eyes

dear god mY EYES!!

Never before to see again
till after this is ended
I, the days when
I had not such power
Pressure does so much
I but like the diamond
only slightly more fiercer

Thank you Ms. Honey Thank you


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Do Ya Feel Lucky, punk?

I had an epiphany a moment ago. I was watching some videos over at ebaums world, and one of them was one of those generic lucky shot videos. This one happened to be in golf. An announcer or someone mentioned luck. He was wrong. But I figured out what luck really is.

What we might call a lucky event is simply a moment where the incomprehensible and overwhelming complexities of matter an energy become aligned into such a way, so that the end result is an outcome we were not trying to achieve but would have loved to achieve were we capable of it alone.


A fellow chips from 40 yards. He can barely see the green, let alone the hole. But then, he makes the shot. What happened is that all the incalculable variables worked in his favor for a moment. The ever-changing breeze, the humidity levels, the air pressure, temperature, the way each atom on each blade of grass is positioned at that ONE moment. All these things allow that ball to fall into that hole

This is the sort of thing that inevitably gets the phrase Chaos Theory thrown at it, but it is precisely the opposite of chaos. It is a highly ordered system, but it happens on such a small and persistently changing scale that our little brains cant get around it.

And that is luck, in a nutshell. And the next time someone uses the term Chaos Theory or uses any of its nomenclature, throw some of that complexity crap at them and explain how randomness is an illusion of the feeble human mind.

Now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

Have a lovely day.

©2006 RM


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