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Friday, July 14, 2006

Hardcore Song, Written By A Good Friend

Decipher and interpret as you'd like.

Their plastic forks and plastic plates
just can't pacify my sick-sad mind
TV dinners' left too sick my head my heart but weeps
And my eyes

Pork-pie hats and glue
won't cut it anymore
for me I gotta go
but fast but where
Dickens's but a wanker
granted nice a person
Orwell scares to death
but what with all the pigs,
its fine

School books left too sick my head my heart but weeps
and broods
my eyes

dear god mY EYES!!

Never before to see again
till after this is ended
I, the days when
I had not such power
Pressure does so much
I but like the diamond
only slightly more fiercer

Thank you Ms. Honey Thank you

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