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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Things that will never be found:

1. Jimmy Hoffa

2. A Dem that can beat Bush in ‘04

3. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

4. A real road to peace in the Middle East

5. Good peaches in the Middle East

6. My ideal job (getting paid to sleep)

7. A way to make drug prohibition work

8. A democratic Liberia, Columbia, Iraq, etc. etc. etc.

9. Saddam Hussein

10. A car to replace the Firebird in our hearts

11. A competent police officer in this city

12. A good left-wing talk-show host

13. A good right-wing talk-show host (Roger Fredinberg was close)

14. Osama bin Laden

15. Something to get rid of cat pee smell

16. Good lobster in south Mississippi

17. A way to balance the Federal Budget

18. A way to balance MY budget

19. Enough sleep

20. A clever ending for this list

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