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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

So...Rumsfield, Still Think We've Got Plenty of Troops?

Yeah right. The US Army has now put out new marching orders for its soldiers. "You can't get out." The "stop loss" order, as they call it, orders all soldiers who are about to retire, who have ended their contractual obligations to the army, or who otherwise were living, to stay in the army. The use of this order, first used in the 1st Gulf War, is decried by many as a harsh turn from the all-volunteer military policy we've had since Vietnam

To my eyes, this seems to be mearly a look at things to come. As our military continues to be stretched to thin policing the world, as order by our "conservative" president, it is becoming obvious to us laymen that we have a problem. We either have too many deployments, or not enough troops. However, this does not seem to have been noticed by Rumsfeld and the hawks at the Defense Department. They just keep saying everything is fine, we don't need more troops...blah blah.

Watch it friends, it is coming. Don't even try to draft me.

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