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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chevrolet Makes Official Announcement Regarding The Oft Sighted Blue Devil Corvette

Since the introduction of the C6 Corvette, there has been a "super-Vette" sighted, by car mag guys and industry insiders, being tested at various tracks and roads around the world, including the Nordschleife of the Nurbugring. this Uber-Vette has been, heretofore, codenamed The Blue Devil. However, last month, Chevrolet announced that it will be going into production, and it will be under the ZR1 moniker (non-hyphenated, as of now, unlike the early 90's version).

Here are some specs and some differentiations from the venerable 90's Monster Vette:

• The engine in the C6 ZR1 will be, like the early 90’s ZR-1, an all-aluminum mill. But, unlike the early 90’s model, it will remain a pushrod, overhead-valve design, as opposed to the ZR-1’s DOHC design

• The engine will displace 6.0 liters, be supercharged, and produce around 650 bhp

• The roof and A and B pillars (and probably the hood as well) will be made of carbon fiber, unlike the aluminum panels that make up the rest of the car. This is done, of course, to lower the total weight of the car and to lower its center of gravity.

• The projected price is $99,000. Steep, for me anyway, but there will be no other vehicle on the planet that is even nearly comparable in performance that is less than $60 grand more than the ZR1

• Also, according to spy shots, there appears to be a Plexiglas or Lexan or some other clear polycarbonate window in the hood. My guess would be that it serves purely to showcase the engine.

• The wheel and tire packages on the ZR1 will be massive. Larger even than the P325/30ZR19’s fitted to the current Z06.

• Current spy shots of the ZR1 show Carbon-Ceramic brake rotors, at least on the front. This suggests that they’ll also be available on the production version, but probably as an option. This marks a first for Carbon, Ceramic, or Carbon Ceramic brake rotors on a Corvette.

• The C6 ZR1 will most likely go on sale in late 2008 as a 2009 model, and it will probably have a production run continuing not much further than the 2011 model year.

And that’s about all I know now. I’ll update as conditions warrant.

Have a wonderful day, and a wonderful week, my friends.

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