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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


full length gown or not, i'm a top notch something; follow not
me; follow not me: this time is a mistake i see
that |follow me not| tempestuous one, fall eyes
and spring glances: fullness reeks of empty eyes and
time flies as i fall: follow me not follow me not:
black tie nights and dinner guests laugh |mountain tops beckon
as valleys seem easier|what is it like to fall what is it like to fall|
list not here my favorite times
my favorite rhymes the time i killed time
my most loved crimes are long since forgotten
and that's the way it should stay|i stand
and fall at the same time and colors change slower
than my mind:stalling like a jet
what is that;what is it like to fall;what is it like to fall:
eyes me, not like prey but a tree or frog or something equally nondescript
what's the time now, summer: fall comes quicker every year fasterthanthecolorschangemymind:
i like the snow time better but the snow won't come: the snow won't come:
my eyes numb, my body allseeing:orbs are comets to me|comets|forsake
this time of plenty;these seven years will
go so fast. nothing lasts like these rocks so remember
you were told when the lean would come
but not tonite
the bright
lights beckon
and i come
slowly at first then faster
and faster still, untilblurbecomesall

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