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Sunday, June 24, 2007

March 02


are you the same? because i can't tell so much time and difference that it may not matter anymore. at least not now. i'm smart enough to leave well enough alone. you'll always have my sympathy, and what i call my love, my love. windows don't seem to give the view they used to. i'm glad to see you up here in the snow. the cold wind blows and blows a wisp of smoke from your marlboro. just one more bad habit. who the hell am i to judge anyway. not that i was. just noticing. thought i'd say hello, since we're here togother, a thousand miles from home. it just seems fitting that we meet. maybe kiss. ok, maybe i went to far there. what was i thinking, i feel so silly. but we're to close or far apart for such awkward moments. but i digress, does your chest hurt at this altitude, with the cigarettes and such? sorry, i didn't mean to bring it up, just wondering if you were having a good time. ok, so what now...how about dinner...maybe later...ok. i gues i'm off then. have a good time with whoever. i'l pretend not to notice, like i always do. and we'll get through this too and live to talk again. as friends or something equally non-threatening.

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