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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

for a change of pace:
Motor sport Trivia

Ok, outside of drag racing, which type of motor sport (the 4-wheeled kinds) would you think has the best acceleration in 0-60mph and ¼ mile times? NASCAR? JGTC? Le Mans Prototype? F1/Indy cars?

Until I read an article that got into discussing this a bit, I had always assumed that the quickest (not to be confused with fastest) cars in motor sports would be the open wheel cars from Formula 1 or Indy. I was incorrect.

A very good F1 car will do 0-60mph in about 2.7 seconds. These cars do it in 2.35s. Yeah, I know. Purt near quick.

The cars of which I’m speaking are those campaigned in an insanely awesome sort of racing known as RallyCross.

In case any of you are lazy (like me...well...not lazy like i'm lazy...nobody's that lazy. just, if you're lazy too) and don't feel like clicking on the RallyCross link above, here's a piece of the wikipedia entry for RallyCross:

Rallycross is a form of sprint style automobile racing, held on a closed mixed-surface racing circuit, with modified production or specially built road cars, similar to the World Rally Cars, although usually with about 200bhp stronger engines, due to eg. their 45mm turbo restrictors. It is mainly popular in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain. An inexpensive, entry level type of rallycross is the Swedish folkrace or its Norwegian counterpart, the so-called bilcross.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed this little respite from my usual politics and crap like that. have a wonderful day, my friends.

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