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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hello, I Am theriverman...And I'm A Newsaholic

Of course though, most of you, my dear friends, are well aware of this. And I would much rather listen to political news- or talk-radio than the crap music that plays around here. I listen to many different hosts in every facet of the political spectrum, regardless of the degree of my agreeing with them. Well, actually there are some that I just can't bare to listen to...Michael Savage comes to mind. And also Sean Hannity.

Having said that, I will listen to Hannity's show if there is absolutely nothing else on. That was the case today, which brings me to the point of this post.

Hannity was whining, as he often does. This time it was about his perception of an “unfairness” or “double standard” regarding questions recently being asked of the POTUS candidates by various news people.

This really pissed me off, because what he was saying was SO FRICKIN STUPID. He said that people kept asking Giuliani about abortion, but then why don’t they ask Hillary about abortion? They asked Romney if he and his wife had sex before they’re marriage. Why don’t they ask Hillary if she and Bill had sex before marriage?

Ya wanna know why, ya blithering idiot? Because the questions are not relevant to Hillary or Obama, or most other Democrat POTUS wannabes!!!!!!!!!!!!

They ask Giuliani about abortion because he’s trying to win the GOP nomination for the presidency. To win the GOP primaries, one must connect with the Conservative base of the GOP and convince them to vote for oneself. Abortion is a key issue here, as that Conservative base is almost exclusively against abortion. Moreover, Giuliani has had various positions on abortion over the years, so it would be an especially obvious thing for him to get asked about, even by a journalist friendly to his side.

Hillary, as you may or may not know, is a Democrat. The Democratic base, which she (or any other Dem. Presidential candidate) must woo, is mostly Liberal and pro-abortion. Ms. Clinton has not minced words on her stance on abortion; she has been strongly pro-abortion since the 1970’s. So, continually bringing up the issue when interviewing her would be redundant, boring, and a waste of time.

Now, premarital-sex. Again, we must remember that to win the GOP primary, a candidate must win over a majority of the GOP’s Conservative base. Most of that base has some key issues, issues which are more important to them than any other. Lumped together, these issues are often referred to as “Values” issues, “Family Values”, or “Moral Issues”. Abortion falls into these issues sets, as does pre-marital sex, sex-ed/abstinence, contraception, etc.

So here we have little Hannity whining about Romney being asked if he and his wife had sex before marriage and the media not asking Clinton the same questions. I’ll explain why this happens as well.
Mitt Romney is a Mormon, a member of the LDS church. Regardless of whatever views you might hold regarding Mormons, the fact is that some of their most key teachings are “Family Values” and being a “moral” person. Romney is choosing to run with this. Part of his strength, his appeal to the base (in the eyes of those running his campaign, at least) is that he is person of faith and of high moral standards. The question he was asked about sex with his wife before marriage was in the context of his speaking out for abstinence programs. Therefore then, it too was an obvious question to ask.

Now, again we have a situation where such a question would not really be relevant to ask Clinton. She is not running on planks of her morality and holiness. She doesn’t claim to be the person of such vast moral strength as Romney does. Further, it would not matter one whit to her base whether she and Bill engaged in premarital sex or not. They, like myself, DO…NOT…CARE.

Well, Mr. Hannity, I hope I’ve explained this at a level where you are able to comprehend it and now won’t have to feign indignation anymore over these “unfair” media “double standards”.

To the rest of you, I apologize for insulting your intelligence.


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