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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Question

If one's policy, either toward a single person or in general, is "convert or die" and you have the force (and use/have used that force) to back that up, does it really matter if you're trying to convert people to Islam or to Democracy?

I say no. To quote MC Frontalot:

I tried to go clean from protesting but I'm a recidivist
my government behaving with unlimited wickedness
in the interest of peace is how a liar wages war
then clamors for more.
I wish we had elections every day
wave the ballot in the air like a sign when I say
that democracy delivered by the bomb and the gun
is terror elsewhere on the world I'm from

do you cheer for the once-and-for-all of an enemy
whose hand our man don was on in '83
but who now exemplifies all evil
that's what you get for shaking hands with people
who represent the vast and sinister interests of industry
we protect the free trade world, so don't dare try to stop us
we deliver them bullets and sell them their coffins

rm out

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