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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Too Many Links

I was going to post the following as a comment to San_ford's comment in regards to my little post on the whole South Park Mohamed thing.

It said it had too many links in it.

Well, I wanted to post it anyway, and I run this here shindig. So I just made another blog post. Yay me.


Yup. screw mohamed. He was a pedophile too. Let's not forget that.



A lot about why islam sucks:

Radical Islam: Enemy of Religions Around the World

And More

One fanatic bitching about others.

Another spicy tidbit.

Semper Fi
Mohamed died
Our Boys Fight
With sand in eyes
Because a guy
Wrote, while high
On opium, a "holy" write
That said to fry
Infidel guys
Now here am I
With more war nigh

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