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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bill O'Reilly's Enemies Lists

I've always found Bill to be a tad fascist. Now he even has Enemies Lists. Of course he doesn't call them that, but I do, because I'm fair and balanced.

Here's the first (a link):

A Message from Bill: Media Operations that Traffic in Defamation

The following media operations have regularly helped distribute defamation and false information supplied by far left websites:
- New York Daily News

- The St. Petersburg Times


These are the worst offenders. In the months to come, we expect to add more names to this list. We recommend that you do not patronize these operations and that advertisers do the same. They are dishonest and not worth your time and money.

And by "defamation", he means "stuff that conflicts with what he preaches".

Here is his now famous "Cowards List":

O'Reilly's "coward" list

On the October 25 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly unveiled his list of invited guests who he said will not appear on his television or radio programs. O'Reilly explained that the list contains "people who are afraid to answer any questions." Earlier in the show, O'Reilly described the list as "people who will not stand up and answer questions about their bomb-throwing statements," adding "You have a moral obligation to do that. If you don't, you're a coward."

The list:

Dick Cheney (Vice president. O'Reilly acknowledged, "He must be sick of getting our calls.")
Michael Chertoff (Secretary of Homeland Security)
Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida)
Samuel Bodman (Secretary of Energy)
Tom DeLay (Representative, R-TX)
Howard Dean (chairman of the Democratic National Committee. According to O'Reilly, "the biggest coward in the country")
Cindy Sheehan (anti-war protester, founding member of Gold Star Families for Peace)
John Kerry (Senator, D-MA)
Brad King (state attorney for Florida's 5th Judicial Circuit)
Jon Corzine (Senator, D-NJ)
Jane Fonda (actress)
Jesse Jackson (founder, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition)
Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Senator, D-DE)
George Pataki (Governor of New York. O'Reilly, "He's so unsure of himself on TV.")
Sheldon Silver (Speaker of the New York State Assembly)
Al Gore (former vice president)
Bill Clinton (former president)
Andy Rooney (journalist, syndicated columnist, regular contributor to CBS' 60 Minutes)
Richard Clarke (former counterterrorism adviser to presidents Clinton and Bush)
Roger Mosey (Director of BBC Sport, former head of TV News at BBC News)
American Civil Liberties Union (O'Reilly: "Anybody from the ACLU is afraid.")
National Public Radio (O'Reilly: "The executives over there are afraid.")
Oil and gas industry (O'Reilly: "The heads of the oil companies are afraid.")
Bill Moyers (journalist. O'Reilly: "biggest mouth in town")
Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (Governor of Louisiana)
Ward Churchill (Professor of ethnic studies, the University of Colorado at Boulder)
Barbra Streisand (Singer, actress. O'Reilly: "All of these Hollywood people ... I mean, they're way out of control there.")

Anywho, thought you'd enjoy that.

Finally, just to piss Bill off, Happy Holidays!!!

(but to all my peeps be down for whatever, Merry Christmas!)


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