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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

American Musical Culture Is Dying, As Mariah Carey Ties Elvis as #2 With A 17th #1 Single,


Does God hate America? Has Hell frozen over? Why did this happen?

Apparently, the collective American musical "taste" has devolved to a point where a lollipop-pop audio-porn queen can be one of the most popular singers (I refuse to use the term "artist" here, as some have) in our history. That is, as shown by sales figures, the latest Mariah Carey single, "Don't Forget About Us", reached #1 on the Billboard Top Ten. This (her 17th #1 single) ties her with Elvis as the number two owner of #1 hits.
But Carey's brand of pap and froufrou isn't alone on the Billboard list. This is not an isolated event. Let's look at the rest of the Billboard top 5:

Chris Brown "Run It!"
Nelly "Grillz"
D4L "Laffy Taffy"
The Pussycat Dolls "Stickwitu"
(yes that is spelled accurately, I know..I know...it should be three words...I know)

All of the top 5 singles this week completely suck. All lack origionality, musical and lyrical depth, correct grammar and/or spelling, and most lack talent. I'm not just dissing pop music for the sake of dissing pop music. I have a point here. Or rather, I hope I do.

Don't get me wrong, I love music. And there is a plethora of good, if not even GREAT music out there. Of course, you've probably never heard most of it. Probably, you've never even heard of most of the artists, groups, etc. involved. Now I'm not saying this is your fault. Most people don't have time to dig around the net, read mediocre at best low-circulation music magazines and what not, I do. I am a broke, lazy, apathetic, worthless human being. But most of you trust radio stations, MTV, VH1 to filter through the flotsom and allow the good music to come to the surface. After all, that is the essence of Capitalism, free market theory, the best rising above the rest. Or, perhaps, it isn't.

To be continued...

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