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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dave Chappelle Disappears! Dave Chappelle Found! Dave Chappelle Speaks!

And it appears, for now, he will be talking exclusively with TIME Magazine. He told Time's Cristopher Farley (i wonder if he's the Chris Farley that died and Dave Chappelle is helping him engineer his comeback?)the following, from wherever he is somewhere in South Africa.

I figured, Let me just cut myself off from everybody, take a minute and pull a Flintstone-stop a speeding car by using my feet as the brakes. I am surprised at what I would do for $50 million. I am surprised at what people around me would do for me to have $50 million.

The full story plus pictures will be availible on the Time website, Time.com, sometime this morning and also in this week's issue of Time Magazine

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