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Friday, April 01, 2005


Today I came across an, um, interesting post on a writer's forum I'm in. Check out the guy's website, The Working Man's Poet ? Inspirational poetry to help cope with life's situations, if you'd like a further idea of this fellow.

Anyway, here's what he wrote on the forum. I thought I had to share it. Oh, and this is all direct cut-and-paste. I'm not making any of this up. Nor am I making up the fact THAT HE ACTUALLY HAS A BOOK PUBLISHED! GAH! On with the shoooow.

Need feed back on this article I wrote
before I summit it
Yes summit it
no do not summit it
and how did it make you feel

Christians today

Why is it that today’s Christians do not support each

Other. Is it because they think every one else is wrong?

Is it because it might take up some of their time .Yes!

We live in the land of the free, free to just sit back and

Do nothing. Yes there are a few that help volunteer,

And live what they believe. Seems most are just Sunday

Christians. Content to do nothing and complain about how

Things are. If they see someone that needs help they rush bye

And hope no one sees them. If they hear of a good cause they

Say I wish I had though of that, but I don’t have time right now

To help, my show is coming on. And please do not ask Christians

To help. They just believe they don’t really act .

Christians today have let our government

take prayer out of schools, stop the pledge

Of alliance and if they want to take God off of our money

That’s ok as long as we don’t have to do anything. It seems

We are only Christians in name but don’t call me one out loud

Some one may hear it and ask me a question or for some help.

The government did not do this to us, we did. We can complain

All day long but that’s a lot of hot air and will not change a thing

Now that you are all mad at me, think what help did you give this week?

Or was this not my week to be a Christian? How many times

Did you take the time not in church but home or work?

To pray for some one? Yes I said get down on your knees

Turn off the TV and pray? Is being a Christian a part time thing?

If you are truly a Christian you will not have to keep telling

People you are. They will see it .God gave his only son,

Jesus died for you. Good thing I did not have to depend

On today’s Christians to get into heaven!


David Bayes

AKA the working
man’s poet

Home—the united states of
the offended

That was his post and the "article" he wants to "summit".

Look, I'm no Steinbeck, but wow, THIS guy has a BOOK? He can't grasp spelling and punctuation, let alone things like flow, plot, word play.

If this was just some poor guy sitting in a bus stop writing or something, there's no way I would rip him. But this fellow's put himself out there as a "serious" writer, and I just think it's wrong.

I'll leave you with a poem from his site, which is sad unto itself.

Our flag

To see our flag
It sends chills through me
Each color stands for liberty
The red for the blood
That was shed for me
The white for the pure
In the hearts that I see
And last but not least
The color of blue
For it stands for freedom
For me and for you

I'm really hoping that this will turn out to be a joke. Maybe it's a 3rd grade kid pretending to be this 50 yr old man. I hope.

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