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Sunday, April 10, 2005

I Need A Little Help

Ok, I need a favor from you guys. I’m trying to get a free PSP. I checked it all out, and it’s legit. Even Wired.Com and TechTV say it’s cool, so I’m taking their word for it as well. I need at least 5 of you to follow the link below:


Go through all the sign up crap and just complete 1 ONE of the free offers. First it says some crap about a short survey with a bunch of yes or no questions at the top of the screen. Answer no to all of them so they won’t send you useless crap. You’ll then get to a screen showing a bunch of links going down the screen. Pick one of the free offers, and complete the sign ups, and that’s it. You just need to do one. And you can get free stuff too!. Don’t use any of the credit card offers though, because it takes weeks to get “credit” on this site for completing the offer. The other ones are instant.

And if any of you got the email and did it, please do it again using the link above. They sent me the link i sent you in the email, and now they said use this link. Both should work, but just to be sure, please do it again.

And don't forget, when you do this, YOU'RE SET UP TO GET FREE STUFF TOO!!!!

I promise, this is totally legit. You know I don’t spam, and I don’t fall for scams on the net. So PLEASE help me get free stuff. Then when YOU sign up, I can help YOU get FREE stuff! THANKS for the help. I love you guys…


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