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Saturday, April 02, 2005

God Welcomes Home A Good And Faithful Servant

As you all know, Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, died this afternoon. As a non-Catholic, I hold no reverence to the man, and I believe he was no more than a man. But he was a man on a mission. He helped end communism in Eastern Europe, he gave momentum to the Polish Solidarity movement, he helped to end Apartheid. He spoke and worked to bring about a veneration for life and its inherent value.

As Pope, he reached out to the Jewish community in a way the Church never had, and he was able to bring them into the best relationship they had ever shared.

The man led a life to be admired. He was on the correct side of almost every major political and moral issue of our time, though there are notable exceptions.

In general, he set a good example for his following and, for that matter, a good example for most anyone desiring to leave a positive mark on this planet.

I know many people mourn Wojtyla’s leaving, but I believe that God is celebrating his arrival.

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