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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Re: A Recent Comment

She shouldn't starve to death. Nor thirst. That's that. We give death row next-in-line's a going away meal. I'm through trying to listen to people reason this tragedy. There is no validity in any of these decisions to kill her. They are brought about by liberal idiots who have no souls. I hope the radical death-lovers who made this happen are plagued with sadistic nightmares that drive them to suicide. Then they can rest with their SS, goosestomping brethren.

Ok, first, this is not a tragedy. Well, I should say it is no more a tragedy than the death of anyone's loved ones.

Removing one's feeding tube is, according to doctors who specialize in geriatrics, hospice, and end of life treatment, is not inhumane.

You say the people who made the "decision to kill her" and "made this happen" are "liberal idiots who have no souls" and "radical death-lover"s. First, the main person who brought this on is Terri herself, as it was her wish not to live in the state she is in. Second, Judge Greer, the main judge involved, is the pastor of a Southern Baptist Church. Hardly what I would call a "liberal idiot with no soul" or a "radical death-lover".

Your statements, though I know they are heartfelt and passionate, are not very helpful to the discourse. Nor do I find them representative of the good Christian folk who are fighting so hard for this woman's life.

Personally, I don't really care what happens. I have no stake in it. I think what has happened so far has been so completely investigated and litigated that it was inevitable.

I guess I'm just saying, you might want to think before you call a Southern Baptist preacher, and other decent folk a bunch of Schutzstaffeln.

Much love regardless. You know I don't mean any of this personally. And I've always got your back.

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