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Friday, March 11, 2005

No Catchy Title

I was watching one of the talking head shows tonight and one of the right wing goofs said something I thought was silly. And please, pardon my non specificity in that sentence; all those shows run together.

Anyway, this guy was all pissed that some Republican Congressmen and Senators weren't being supportive, or as supportive as he thought they should be, of all of the President's proposals. I'm sorry, I must have misread the part of the Constitution about the purpose of the Houses of Congress.

Looking over Article I, I can't seem to find the part where it says that Congressmen and Senators must be the lapdogs of their party leaders. Maybe I should read it again.

I choose who for to vote for, as Congressmen and Senators, based on who I believe would do the best job taking care of my district, my state, and my country. I am certain that sometimes their decisions as to what is best for their constituency goes against the partyline. And when it does, I expect my representatives to do what they think is best, regardless of party affiliations. When they do, they earn my respect. When they walk the line for party's sake, they lose my vote.

Have I mentioned that I hate party politics?


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