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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bill's Ire Of The Day

I was listening to O'Reilly tonight, and he had two guests on that had graduated from the Islamic Saudi Academy. He began quoting from one of the current textbooks used at this school. While searching for an adequate quote to confront these young ladies with, he muttered "I'm looking for the most incendiary quote in here." The quote he found said, basically, that Islam is right and that Judaism and Christianity are incorrect (note that it did not suggest that Jews and Christians were evil or bad, just mistaken). This incensed him terribly. He said that it was terrible for a school to teach such things and questioned whether the school should be shut down.

I find it sad that that was the most "incendiary" quote he could find in the textbook used by this school that he called (and tried to paint as) "Al Qaeda High". Pretty lame.

I've attended a Christian school. In that school, and in most other Christian schools I know of, it is taught that Christianity is the only true religion and that all others, including Judaism and Islam are incorrect. I've yet to hear Bill rant about these 'evil, intolerant' Christian schools.

The reality is that almost all religions claim to be the "one true religion" and they tell their followers the same. Think of this what you like, but I believe that we can agree that that fact is hardly incendiary.


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