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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Talking Head Armstrong Williams Takes Money From the Department of Education to promote the NCLB Act

You can check out the story here.

Armstrong Williams a fairly well-known talking head, and he also has some TV show on a cable access channel that is now syndicated and a radio show. The DoE gave Williams $241,000 to plug the No Child Left Behind Act. This seems a tad reprehensible to me and, quite possibly, illegal as well. He made several appearances on CNN and other networks to discuss the NCLBA, among other things. Prior to and during these appearances, Williams did not disclose his contract with the DoE. Does this sound ok to anyone?

We have here our government bribing a journalist, or at least a person many people assume is a true journalist, so that he will spout propaghanda about their newest product. This is sick. This worthy of a KGB operation.

Remember kids, the government is good and does not lie to us or try to mislead us.


Sweet dreams.

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