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Thursday, January 13, 2005

NewsMax Gets It Wrong Again

This is no shock to me, nor should it be to anyone familiar with the right-wing "news" site, NewsMax.com. Here's the article I take issue with at the moment:


Here's the title of the article and the first paragraph:

Media Targets Armstrong Williams

When one of the nation's few African American commentators takes the Republican side, expect him to become a target.

So it is with Armstrong Williams.

The MEDIA targets Williams? How? Our government PAID HIM TO PROMOTE ONE OF THEIR WORTHLESS MONEY PIT PROGRAMS! People found out about it, people were not happy. He basically took a bribe. And these idiots say that the Media is targetting him? Ok, yeah, then they targeted Jason Blair with the NYT, and they targetted Bill Clinton too right?

When you're a big shot and you screw up and get caught, it shows up on the news. That's a pretty basic concept. Pardon me if i'm not shocked that the neanderthals at NewsMax can't grasp it.

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