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Sunday, January 02, 2005

I Need Help

Yes we all know you need help badly…hahaha…ok I get the joke. Anyway, I need your suggestions. I’ve got part of a story here, but I have no idea where it’s going. I’d like you guys and gals to give me plot suggestions. Any input would be appreciated

Maybe December

By the riverman

Traction control. It’s amazing what technology can do for you. Or not. That’s all I could think about while I was spinning, “you know, if my car had traction control like my brother’s ten year old Saturn, would I be waiting to die right now?” Looking back, I find it hard to believe that I was able to construct such a line of logic in such a short, and chaotic, time. But that’s the last thing I can remember thinking. Traction control. The next thing I remember, is waking up in traction.

The snow had come in suddenly, as it always does in east Tennessee. If it comes at all. I think it was around the twelfth of January. I had watched the forcast that morning. High of 33, low of 19. Cloudy. Chance of rain or sleet. But no mention of snow.

I had dropped out of school the previous semester for no reason in particular. Which, and perhaps this was the problem, was exactly the same reasoning with which I had entered college in the first place. I’d lost track of the number of semesters I’d begun and never finished. I had thought of returning to school for the spring semester, but I’d long since given up that delusion.

It was a Friday, and I had nothing to do. As usual. I stayed home most of the day reading a few different articles of interest on the Web. Thoughts on the war, technology trends, political ravings. It was a cold, dreary day. The kind I liked, so I decided I’d head out for a bit.

My first stop, I decided, would be The Tablet, a small bookstore cum café that I’d begun to frequent as I grew more comfortable with the town.

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