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Friday, January 07, 2005

Hannity Lies Some More Re: Cupertino "Banning" Of US Constitution

Recently there was a Hannity and Colmes special entitled "Take Back America" or some crap like that. Here's a link concerning the overall situation and the teacher's appearence on the show, because I don't want to repeat the whole story again. Anyway, I found this good piece over at HannityIsAMoron.com. Enjoy.

Hannity lies about the banning the declaration of independence What else would you expect from this Serial liar?Hannity and Colmes had a broadcast from Cupertino, CA using the ironically titled "Take Back America" slogan. As many of you are aware in the News Stephen Williams, a Teacher is challenging his school after they barred him from teaching certain materials in his Classroom. The mainstream media picked up on this and miss reported the situation as "banning the Declaration of independence" which never actually happened. After a complaint from parents the Principle decided to review his lesson plans to make sure he didn't cross into "evangelizing". The school did not ban any founding document and there isn't any proof that anyone on either side can produce that says otherwise.

This is the reason Sean is dangerous, he is a history revisionist.

This is a bigger argument than Sean lying about the situation at that school, it's the rewriting of our history. The Founding fathers were a savvy group of men who knew the evils of state run religions, we can look no further than Iran to see what that's like for ourselves. The reason "creator" and "god" are ambiguous is to protect us from "Church Authority" and all that implies. The idea that this is a Christian nation founded by Christians isn't found anywhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution nor is it found in the writings of our founding fathers. If this is a Christian nation, where is Jesus or Jehovah written in our Founding documents? Where in our founding documents does it say specifically that our rights are granted by Jesus Christ or Jehovah? No one can deny that many of the founding fathers were Christians of deep faith nor should we deny what quite a few of them were not Christian. To omit the fact that John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin were not Christians, to ignore a very important part of our history is a crime against every American.

Revisionists have to lie in order to sell their warped views. During the show Sean lied twice about James Madison and his stance on chaplains, Madison was against paying Chaplains because he believed that established a national religion and Madison never hired the first Chaplains it was a Committee that did so in April and May of 1789. Sean of course dismissed this and tried to move on. even when Mr. Williams said and I quote about the banning of the Declaration of Independence "[My students have] read the Declaration, so that's a little bit of a stretch", not for Hannity it isn't; he goes on to say it again, Media matters has the video of Sean lying AFTER he was told by the man who is suing the school to quote Mr. Williams again "a little bit of a stretch".

This isn't an attack against people of faith or Christians, it's against someone preaching to children presenting them a point of view that isn't supported by the facts. This question goes to the Methodist parents who will read this, do you want Pentecostals to teach your children about Christ and religion if their teaching are slanted to support their beliefs and not yours? for you Conservatives out there, the real ones do you want Government run schools preaching to your children or would you prefer to teach your children your moral values and not trust it some teacher's interpretation? I don't want some teacher to evangelize my children, if I decide to raise my Children in the Church I want them to read the bible, I want them to learn the values and Morals that make up who I am and trust that they make the right choices in life; that's my right as a parent and I will not demote that responsibility to a public school teacher and have their views forced on my kids, especially if I don't raise them as Christians. Our Currency didn't originally have "In God we trust" printed or pressed with those words, they were added later much like the Pledge of allegiance didn't have "under god" until 1950's but to say this is a traditional stance is absurd or to remove either from the pledge or our currency is some how sacrilege, what does it say about you? Is your faith so weak that you need to be reminded in whom you trust by looking at your change? Your faith should be stronger. I could care less if either stays or goes, words pressed on Nickels and Dimes wont change my Spiritual beliefs about God or anything else, I know where I am and what I believe reciting words won't change that.

This is not a petty Liberal Vs Conservative debate and if we treat it as such America will suffer for it. I don't trust man to speak for God, in Western civilization we had that it was called the Dark Ages. This country cannot slide into a theological nation, the balance needs to be kept or what America is now will disappear. They will use the bible to start wars, deny certain people health care, support slavery again, segregation of certain people will return. Women will return to being Property because it is all supported by certain interpretations of the Bible. People of all faiths hold very different political views from each other, I personally know Republican Atheists and Muslims as well as devote, very Liberal Christians in fact Socialism has it's roots in the Christian community so Republicans have not right to claim Jesus or faith as their own, what we as Americans have the right to claim is to practice those beliefs without the government telling us what to believe or pushing their God on us. God is not a Liberal or Conservative and we cannot let anyone speak differently to that, God isn't about privitizing social security it's what your faith or lack there of teaches you God is.

If anyone has doubts that Sean is a liar after reading this, you're in my prayers!

Here's my hate mail address, because I know I'm going to get some.

And the views expressed are mine and mine alone

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