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Saturday, December 04, 2004

US and its Allies in Europe Have a Double Standard In Regards to Terrorists, Says Putin

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GreatBritain recently gave Akhmed Zakayev, an envoy for rebel leader and former Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov, refugee status. The US has granted asylum to lyas Akhmadov, a former Chechen foreign minister. Russian President Vladimir Putin is not happy with this. Frankly, neither am I. He sees a double standard in this. We (the US) and our strongest ally, Great Britain, are currently waging a war in Iraq purportedly to help defeat terrorism. Unlike the US and the UK, Russia has a terrorist pseudo-state right next door. They receive terrorist attacks in their homeland around once a month. We haven’t had a terrorist attack, or even a real attempt, since the attack on 9/11. I can’t recall there being any real terrorist attack in the UK from the Islamists, ever. I could be wrong there, and if I am, please correct me. But I’ve been unable to find any Islamist terrorism in the UK.

So, without an attack since 9/11 here in the US, and no attack ever in the UK, we (the US and UK) feel justified invading Iraq. And yet we have criticized Russia for trying to defend herself against Islamist terrorists that live on their doorstep. Further, not only do we criticize Russia, we have granted ASYLUM to these same terrorists. I can’t remember having ever said this before, but I agree with Putin.

This only furthers my hypothesis that our “War on Terror” is based on expediency, not truly killing or capturing all terrorists. Our faux conviction is sickening.

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