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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

More of "When Cops Attack"

Ever been to an airport trying to pick someone up? Remember having to keep moving? Remember how the cop yells at you if you do stop in a load/unload zone for more than 45 seconds? Well, Diana Dietrich-Barnes has more than that to remember. And before any of you cops-do-no-wrong-unless-the-liberals-make-them start in Mrs. Dietrich-Barnes is not an aging hippy whiner. She's a Republican. She donated $300 to the National Republican Congressional Committee on 07/23/03 and donated $250 to the National Republican Congressional Committee on 09/16/03 (according to public FEC documents via http://www.city-data.com/elec/elec-STOCKBRIDGE-GA.html). She was at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta trying to pick up her mother. An officer politely yelled at her to move her car or she would be ticketed. She said ok. But she would have to back up a bit first so she could make it around the truck in front of her. As she backs up, the cop says she intentionally hit him with her side mirror. At the bottom of this post is a link to this story and a link there to the video of it, watch it and decide what you see. Here's what I saw.

First, not only did she not appear to intend to hit him with the mirror, she didn't hit him with it. Unless I am greatly mistaken, the Ford Explorer she drove has fold-away mirrors. Had she even bumped him, the mirror would have folded forward a bit. This can't be made out on the tape, but according to her statement and witness statements, the mirror did not move at all. At this point the cop begins yelling at her to stop the car and get out. He then drags her out of the car and to the back of her car. Now, does he ask her to put her hands on the vehicle? No. How about asking her to kneel or lay down? No. He PICKS HER UP FULLY OFF THE GROUND AND DROPS HER ON HER STOMACH. He then cuffs her and a few other little cops come in soon as backup.

After watching the video, prosecutors dropped ALL charges against the woman. The idiot cop then tried to file a complaint as a private citizen against her. He was basically laughed out of court. Mrs. Dietrich-Barnes is currently considering whether to press charges and/or file suit.

And to top it off, this one lovely cop has only been on the force there for 5 years. Yet in that short span, Officer Terence Alexander has accumulated more than 20 complaints filed against him. He is said to have a long history of disciplinary problems and has had more than 11 reprimands and suspensions in the past four years.

This thug should’ve been fired long ago. Now he should be fired and severely damaged.

When will someone learn that we cannot keep hiring sociopaths to serve and protect?

One of the news stories of the incident and a link to the video of the “incident”.

A briefing released by the APD to the media concerning the “incident”.

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