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Saturday, December 11, 2004

A Eulogy for Dime

This is by Sanford.

Darrell Abbott

Without Darrell Abbott, the music world is now Becoming Hollow. He exemplified Strength Beyond Strength with his innovative and entrepreneurial Art of Shredding. He definitely took heavy music to A New Level and continued Domination while remaining a friendly and positive figure to all, making each person he met, if even for a minute, feel as if he'd known him/her for years. The music community is Shattered, feeling rage and sadness at the same time. Many claim "I'm Broken", and just wish for Five Minutes Alone to cope with this tragedy. Darrell's music now Floods many more speakers and hearts than ever. He seemed to enjoy life, even with Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills, except he didn't care for the pills... maybe a cold one here and there, but he publicly asserted his negative view of damaging drugs. I hope that Darrell is not on a path of Thirteen Steps to Nowhere, but somewhere where he can continue to wail on that lightning-shaped guitar, although he could equally jam on an acoustic, a mandolin, a ukelele, and just cut up for the camera, always making those in his presence laugh. I wish he would've had a chance to stop the assassin and maybe stifle his Mouth For War and just Walk away. From the Cemetary Gates, we can all hear the sweet melodic solos that touched our hearts and gave us chills, the vibrato that shook us so, that tone that WAS Darrell Abbott. May he rest in peace, and know how much he impacted music and those affiliated with music. He shall be missed.

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