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Friday, December 17, 2004

The Chevy Chase Remark

Those of you that know me, or have spent any time on my blog, know that there are few things I hate worse than hypocrisy. I am rather inflamed right now. The issue is this: recently Chevy Chase was at an “Awards Ceremony” set up by People for the American Way, a Leftist lobbying group. If you’re not familiar with Chevy Chase, you’re lucky. If you’re not familiar with this story, here’s a link to the Washington Post’s take on it.I read about it on the Drudge Report soon after it happened. I didn’t think it was worth even wasting space in my brain to remember it, but it’s there anyway. But today, today it was brought back to my attention.

Driving to town this evening, I was listening to the O’Reilly Factor on the old XM radio, as I usually do since I’m a news junkie (yes, I know the OF isn’t ‘news’, grant me the euphemism). And as usual, Bill was being about as fair and balanced as a seesaw helmed on one end with Adolph Hitler and Jared from Subway (before he ate the sandwiches) crushing the other end into the depths of the Earth. I can’t remember what other gabadellic goof was on the show with him, but the topic for the first half of the show was the Chevy Chase remark.

For those of you who don’t know, Chase called the President a “Dumb f---“. That is what ol’ Bill was up in arms about. He went on and on about how horrible and insulting and awful it was. And then he says, “you don’t have Conservatives out there saying things like that about Democrats”. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

After that, Hannity and Colmes came on, and Hannity was playing the same song. Here’s my problem, YES there were, and are, “Conservatives” saying bad things about Democrats. Does anyone remember Bill Clinton? According to the “Conservatives” he was a murderer, a drug kingpin, and a rapist. Now, to me that’s a shade worse than calling someone a dumb f---.

Hannity HIMSELF made similar accusations about Clinton and had several people on his radio show how rabidly sold those stories. Has he really smoked away ALL his memory?

Back to O’Reilly. The guy on the show with him, representing the left, actually mentioned the things I said, and Bill has the audacity to say that calling the President a dumb f---- is worse than the above accusations leveled toward Clinton. Can this creature go any more insane? Please, dear GOD get him off the air before his head implodes from the vacuum during a live appearance.

Bill, Sean…you’re not fair, you’re not balanced. You’re just a couple of dumb f---s who can yell over peoples heads. If you want to be all sacrosanct, go ahead. But can we stop the outright lies and the hypocrisy. Please?

I’m sure your mommies are proud.

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