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Monday, October 18, 2004

Why Attack Iraq?

I realize that this topic has been beaten to death, but I've not really addressed it here. The topic being, "Why We Invaded Iraq.”

The problem I have is that that reason seems to change quite often. First it was because Saddam was an imminent threat with biological, chemical, and even nuclear weapons. Then the reason was, “Iraq didn’t abide by all those UN resolutions.” Next, “we invaded Iraq because it harbored terrorists.” Then “we invaded Iraq to free it.”

I believe I’ve written the above reasons in chronological order as to when they were used as the main defense of the Iraq invasion. Now, let me deconstruct those reasons.

Number 1: WMD’s

Do I really have to say anything here? There were none there; the weapons inspectors were correct all along. No biological or chemical stuff left, and there was definitely nothing nearing a nuclear device.

North Korea, China, Iran, and Pakistan are all greater threats in this area. And yet, all except North Korea and Iran are our “allies”.

Number 2: UN Resolutions

I love the way we, as a country, generally just kind of thumb our nose at the UN. Until we need it, or like something it writes a resolution about. We don’t need it’s approval to attack Iraq, but we attacked Iraq because Iraq didn’t obey the governing body that we basically say has no power. Catch-22 anyone?

If not abiding by UN resolutions is a reason to go to war, then we’d have to attack ourselves. We’ve violated quite a few. Ok, maybe that’s unreasonable, to attack ourselves. How about Turkey then? They’ve violated more than Iraq.

Number 3: Harboring Terrorists

This one gets a big maybe. Iraq is in the Middle East, if memory serves, so I’m sure there were some terrorists in the country. But there was no operating relationship with the Iraqi government analogous to Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. There is no evidence of “the terrorists” using Iraq as a base of operations or a planning area.

If we must attack any nation that harbors terrorists then we must NOW invade the West Bank and the Gaza strip in Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, India, Malaysia….you get the idea.

Number 4: We wanted to free the Iraqis

First, you can’t invade a country only because you don’t like its form of government. You cannot shoe horn democracy into a tribal culture. Second, let’s assume that it can and will work, believing that your system of government is better than another country’s doesn’t give you the right to tear apart that country to rebuild it in thine own image.

And again here, if we want to free people, there are many other equally bad or worse regimes out there. Some are militant theocracies, some are simply power mad dictatorships. Examples of both: North Korea, China, Iran, Syria, etc.

Ok, I can hear some of you saying, “You’re an idiot. You don’t get it. It’s not just one of those reasons, it’s all of them put together.”

To which I would say (Disregarding the fact that they have not been cited all together as the reason we attacked Iraq until very recently. Before that they were each used in singular fashion.) I think I understand now. We must preemptively strike any country that meets all of the above standards! I can see the light!

But with this gift of knowledge comes a heavy weight…I know of another such country that must be invaded…er…destroyed…er…liberated. Yes! That’s it, liberated!!

Let me tell you about this country. I’ll go down my list as before.

First, we know 100% that this country has chemical and nuclear weapons. We know because we gave them some of this technology years ago, and also we know this because they tell us. We suspect they have or are working on bio-weapons too.

Second, they have violated more UN resolutions that Iraq and Iran combined. Given that America puts so much stock into the UN resolutions, this must be the most evil country on earth.

Third, this country is known to be ripe with terrorists. We hear all the time about their plans and their bombings. They run rampant, almost with impunity at times.

And finally, this is no democracy. This country is an ancient theocracy, as are the hated Iran and the erstwhile Afghanistan. Though this country masquerades as a democracy, don’t be fooled! They exist as a theocracy, guided first by the principles in their scriptures.

This country exhibits ALL of the same reasons we invaded Iraq for. And I can prove that all of the above that I’ve written about this country is true! It is publicly available.

Now that I understand the doctrine of preemptive strikes, I am ready to sign up with the military and begin this next battle. For we must strike soon, the WMD’s are already loaded on their missles!!

We must destroy Israel!!!!!

I don’t really want to destroy Israel. I like Jews as much as any other people, so please don’t accuse me of any anti-Semitic crap. I abhor that sort of mindset. I just wanted to make a point. We can’t just make up arbitrary motives to go to war. I can name 1,089 reasons why we can’t do this again. All of them being good American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. We are in this now, and we can’t leave until the job is done. I understand that. But let’s not make the same arrogant mistake twice.

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