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Monday, October 25, 2004

Of Course We're Safer Now


380 TONS of pretty potent explosives are now "missing" from a compound that was previously one of Iraq's most sensitive military sites. Before we invaded, this was one of the many sites watched over by the weapons inspectors. Now it isn't. It is in a "no man's land" that is deadly for our men and women to approach but in which looters have free access.

Let me state again, for the record, that I fully support our troops and military. I will be behind them 100% as long as we have even one member of our armed forces in harm's way. I hope for the successful completion of the current military operation in Iraq, and I pray for the protection of our men and women and that they may complete there mission.

But this war was unneeded. We may have taken down a lion, but we've unleashed a vast number of pit vipers. Which you rather be facing in the woods? One big lion, or thousands upon thousands of deadly little snakes? Me, I'd take the lion.

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