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Friday, September 10, 2004

Will someone please shoot this man?

Yeah, the one on the left.

An unidentified member of the audience pulls the hair of a demonstrator
as he forces her out of an auditorium where President Bush was addressing a
crowd of supporters at Byers Choice in Colmar, Pa., Thursday Sept. 9, 2004.
Bush's speech focused on the economy. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

What the hell is wrong with this idiot? I don't care what the girl was saying,
you don't treat a woman like that. You don't pull hair. This guy is at least
in his 60's; he should know better. The girl is tiny; pick her up, and carry
her out. Handcuff her and carry her out. Both ok options. But you do NOT assault
someone like that. I don't care who they're protesting. As long as they pose
no physical threat, you just do not behave that way. If anyone knows who this
guy is, send him over to my house. We'll have a little discussion about how
a gentleman is supposed to behave.

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