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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Idiot Protestors Interupt Idiot Convention Shortly After Bush's Idiot Daughters Leave the Stage

Yes, I know. That's a lot of idiots.

Protesters Disrupt Convention Gathering
Wed Sep 1, 1:21 PM ET
By ANNE GEARAN, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Anti-war demonstrators disrupted a Republican youth gathering on the floor of the party convention Wednesday, shortly after President Bush (
news - web sites)'s twin daughters left the stage.

Jenna and Barbara Bush introduced White House chief of staff Andrew Card. As he began speaking, 10 protesters sitting in the crowd jumped up, blew whistles and began to chant, "Bush kills." They also removed sweat shirts to reveal T-shirts reading "Bush Drop Global Debt Now."
Card tried to continue speaking, but was drowned out and stopped as young participants in the morning event scuffled with the demonstrators. Police moved in to remove the protesters, including a young woman hoisted out by two officers — one at her shoulders and one at her knees.

At least one delegate was slightly injured. Suhr Daniel, 20, of Milwaukee, said he was punched in the head by a protester. He had a cut near his temple and the side of his face was reddened.


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