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Monday, August 16, 2004

Large News Update


NYC to lose money on GOP Convention

Walter Cronkite retires from his newspaper post; Rips internet news

Kerry flew his hairdresser from DC to Portland for one more 50 grand haircut so he could look his best for those vacation photo ops. Or something like that

FBI spying on possible protestors for the upcoming GOP bash. I'm sure this is all by the book...

Pope even sicker. Probably to die soon (my guess, not the story's)

Prosecution to drop its (non) case against womanizer, moron, and bball guy, Bryant

US moving forces towards Russia

Chavez appears to retain power in Venezuela. Results disputed

Russian OpEd rips Bush "regime". Claims abuses of power etc.

The truth about Kerry's SciTech agenda

Head of Iran`s Culture and Islamic Communications Organization, Mohammad Mohammadi says, "The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is religiously bound to react immediately to bitter events taking place in Iraq."

And, finally:

John Ashcroft appears to be the Antichrist

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