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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Pressure on Blair after elections

Our greatest "ally" in the "War on Terra" seems to be taking a beating in the polls. Or, rather, his party is taking the beating. Blair's Labour party lost 464 council seats in the recent local elections. What does this mean for Blair and also, what does this mean for us as Americans? Well, first, it appears that the overwhelming anti-Labour results are based almost solely in a desire to send a message to Blair. That message being, "Hey, we are the regular British people. We don't want our boys in Iraq. You screwed up." Now, I don't see the UK pulling its support anytime soon, they are too financially interested for now. But in the upcoming national elections, if Blair isn't able to make the public believe that he has heard their anti-Iraq War message, Blair may not have a long career left as PM.

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