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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Gunmen assassinate deputy foreign minister in ambush in Iraq's capital, and Saudi things

In another shocking development, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iraq has been killed by assassins. Bassam Salih Kubba was shot in a Sunni neighborhood (they're the "Saddam loyalists", remember?). He died soon after from his wounds. This attack is the second against members of the "interim" Iraqi government in the last four days. On Wednesday, the deputy health minister, Ammar al-Safar, escaped an assassination attempt in Azimiyah, the same Sunni neighborhood where Kubba was killed today.

This, of course, just underscores the fact that a single, unified Iraq is a very realistic and easy goal. There will be no civil wars and tribal fightings. What a cakewalk.

(cue "isolated incident" music)

And in another isolated incident, there are two new developments in Riyadh. An American was shot and killed Saturday in the Saudi capital, police said, in the third slaying of a Westerner in the kingdom in a week. This is very shocking, as Saudi Arabia is a strong and staunch ally. I'm sure the perpetrators will come to a swift meeting with justice. That is, of course, unless Saudi law enforcement are too busy arresting women for not walking the correct distance behind their husbands, or perhaps attempting to cause armeggedon by having the nerve to drive cars.

And in yet another isolated incident, an explosives-laden 1991 GMC Suburban wanted by the Ministry of the Interior since February has been found in the Al-Sulai district in south Riyadh. This according to a release yesterday from the Saudi Press Agency. The Ministry of the Interior put out a warrant for this vehicle in February and had a bounty on the truck in the $7M range. The Ministry warned that "the vehicle was loaded with explosives and could be used in a terrorist attack." This brings me to ask the qurstion, how did these government officials know this Super Suburban existed? And why didn't they take care of it when they first found out about it? Obviously, my implication here is that the Saudi government is deep in bed with the "terrorists" but hey, i'm just some dumb guy, what would I know. Who am I to suggest that Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorism, it's not like i'm the Cato Institute or anything.I mean, Wahabism was only invented in Saudi Arabia, it's not as if they endorse it or anything.

Oh, and one final isolated incident, last Tuesday police found two explosives-laden GMCs primed for attacks on the Riyadh-Qasim road. Silly coincidences...

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