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Thursday, May 13, 2004

This Is It

Do not read if you are easily offended

Alright. I’ve had it. You morons on the Right keep screaming about how the Left has politicized this war. “They’ve politicized our national security, the most important issue ever.” You know what? Maybe they have. BUT SO HAS EVERY OTHER PERSON SINCE THERE HAVE BEEN POLITICS AND WAR! You want real politicization of the war. Politicization that is actually KILLING our troops? Look no further than our current (and any past) administration. Every missile, every bullet, every troop deployment is based on political decisions. That’s the way it is, because god forbid we offend or alienate any of our Arab and muslim friends. I’ve basically been of the following opinion for a while, but the recent video of the beheading of our American brother, Nick Berg, has simply sent me over the edge.

I realize that my following comments will most likely bar me from any political office I may seek. They will chase after me all my life. I don’t care. I stand by them, unless I am ever PROVED to be wrong.

The death of Nick Berg is not shocking. I should say rather, that he is dead is not shocking. His actual death is. I mourn his loss and stand wholly with his family and friends. This young man was not a soldier. He was not an airman. He was not a sailor. He was not a marine. He was not from some private security service. Heck, he didn’t even work for Halliburton. Mr. Berg was in Iraq to help restore internal communications. He wasn’t there building sat con towers for the US military. He was doing what he thought was right by helping the Iraqi people return to normalcy. 

I mourn the loss of all our troops as well. However, theirs is a slightly different case. Our brave men and women killed in battle in NO WAY deserved to die. But they knew the risks, and that was what they were there for. They signed up to fight and die for their country. I have a deep admiration for that. Were it not for a couple of medical problems that caused me to be rejected from my requests to join the armed forces, I would be standing, flying, sailing, swimming, right beside them. Their deaths are tough to take. But they are understandable. Nick Berg’s is not.

The release of the video of Nick Berg’s beheading has so incensed me. It has proved (to me) that my initial response to muslim terror was correct. When all This began, I suggested we should basically just wipe out the Arab world. That is the only way to stop this madness. You can call me a racist if you want. I’m not, but if that makes you feel better, then go ahead. The world has to understand now that yes, this is a war on islam (Notice I am not capitalizing islam or muslim. I am not, and will not because these words do not even deserve the respect of capitalization.). This is a war on muslims. This is a war against animals, not fellow humans.

In general, I am a very compassionate person. Ask anyone who knows me. If someone I know has a problem, they know I will always do whatever I can for them. If I see someone broken down on the interstate, I stop and try to help. I still open doors for women and my elders. I give money to the Salvation Army. I give money and supplies to the Christian Food Mission. I donate to the library. I’m saying this not to brag. I hate to brag. I despise arrogance and hubris. I’m not asking for your admiration. I really don’t care about recognition for what I do or any such thing. I simply mention these things to show I am not just some sadist who dehumanizes everyone. I don’t want to wipe out everyone who disagrees with me. But we must end this political correctness during this “war”. It is costing the lives of our soldiers. Moreover, it is costing the lives of innocent parties just there to help restore food, water, sewage treatment, communication, electricity. People like Nick Berg.

I haven’t watched the video yet. I doubt I will. I can handle blood and gore; this is just something I don’t think I need to say. However, I did listen to it. I think every American (US, North, and South Americans), Europeans, Arabs, Jews, Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Australians; everyone should be forced to listen to the audio of that tape. I think everyone who can, should watch it as well. This IS islam. This is wahabism. This is the muslim world. There can be no more talk of the “religion of peace”. There can be no more kowtowing to muslim interest groups. This is it. No more.

Listening to the video, one particular segment caught my ear and held it. As Nick Berg is being chopped several times about the neck during his slow and unbelievably agonizing death, as the blood starts to flow, as he screams loudly and terribly, these dogs are screaming, nearly as loud, “allah akbar”. Many of you, I’m sure, know what that means. I’m equally sure that many don’t. Below is a definition and an explanation from USC’s Islamic Glossary. Feel free to follow the link if you doubt my truthfulness.

Allahu akbar


This statement is said by Muslims numerous times. During the call for prayer, during prayer, when they are happy, and wish to express their approval of what they hear, when they slaughter an animal, and when they want to praise a speaker, Muslims do say this expression of Allahu Akbar. Actually it is most said expression in the world. Its meaning: "Allah is the Greatest." Muslims praise Allah in every aspect of life; and as such they say Allahu Akbar.

I realize that such a statement could be used at any time, but I want to look at what this definition, written by muslims (Principly ISL Software) emphasizes as the most common times the phrase is used. (Trust me, I’m getting to a point.)

“This statement is said by Muslims numerous times. During call for prayer, during prayer, when they are happy, and wish to express their approval of what they hear, when they slaughter an animal, and when they want to praise a speaker…”

Now, were these kind muslim brothers in a call for prayer? No. During a prayer? Maybe, but let’s continue. Wishing to express approval of what they hear? Absolutely, but not quite my point yet. Are they praising a speaker? I would say not. How about animal sacrifice? Having to think for a minute? The correct answer is yes. The particular animal being sacrificed is a human. Ladies and gentlemen. What we have (among other things) is a video taped human sacrifice. I hope that I’m not the only one disturbed by this. This is your religion of peace, right here in black and white, and plenty of flowing red.

Has there been a large outcry from muslim countries, the madrassas, the clerics? No. I’ve not heard even an AMERICAN muslim condemn this. I am assuming then that human sacrifice is ok with muslims.

Now we get to the meat of the matter. We must stop fighting this war on the terms of the enemy. We must stop fighting this war on the field of political expedience and political correctness. It is time to take the war to the enemy. And I mean the whole war and the whole enemy.

The time has come to leave no man standing. The time has come to stop pretending that these are humans in the first place, because it is so apparent now that they are not. It is time to turn to rubble every town, market, mosque, and outhouse in Iraq. In Iran. In Saudi Arabia. In Pakistan. In Syria. In Lebanon. The time for soft war is over. The time for complete destruction is here. There is no reason on Earth that these people should be allowed to exist. They cannot maintain any sort of society. The engender terrorism and dictatorships. They try to slowly starve America and the free world by keeping a choke hold on the oil supply. They teach their children to hate us. They teach our children that the road to heaven is paved with the corpses of Americans.

I’m usually very concerned with innocent life. I hate drunk drivers, I hate when people getting caught in the crossfire of gangs, I hate cops and prosecutors sending innocents to jail in order to get a promotion or a raise. But I cannot now believe that there exist any innocents in the places I mentioned. If there are, God have mercy on their souls. There is now excuse to let another American die because we can’t come within 20 yards of a mosque. There is no excuse to let another American die to maintain good relations with our “friends in Saudi Arabia”. 

This is it. I’ve had it. No more blood spilled for political correctness or not to hurt someone’s feelings. Wipe the surface clean of these roaches, and maybe, just maybe, we can win this war on terror.

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