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Sunday, May 30, 2004

More Air America News

From Drudge today:

FLASH: Al Franken has agreed not to draw a salary at AIR AMERICA, hoping to keep the fledgling talk-radio network afloat... Developing...

I find that sad. Props to Al for sacrificing a bit for the team, of course God knows he can afford it. I've been listening to a little bit of this network off and on. Yes, I know we don't get it around here, but it is on XM. You guys know I'm no ideologue conservative so I don't have an agenda with this, but frankly friends, the reason the network is tanking is, well, it's mostly not that good...mostly. Yeah, there's some good moments. There are some clever quips, some little stories you'll not hear anywhere else. But overall, it's not that good. It just feels so contrived. And it is. Air America is like the Backstreet Boys of talk-radio. They are simply a group put together to push the Liberal Agenda over the airwaves. The guys they're trying to knock out, Rush, Hannity, and the rest, didn't start out this way. There was no great movement to establish a Conservative radio presence. They just did what they wanted to do.

Now, I will say that now it seems like all the right-wing guys are just all reading from the same page, word for word. Well, save for Glenn Beck and the psychotic Michael Savage. But the point is, they weren't put out there by an outside presence for that purpose. It was pure capitalism at work. But this whole AA thing. It's just sad. Really really sad. I think it'd be great to have some lib talk show hosts out there. But i'd prefer some with, you know, talent.

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