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Monday, April 12, 2004

More Genius From Our Commander-in-Chief

"Obviously, every day I pray there is less casualty,"
- President George W. Bush, Sunday April 11 2004, on vacation (again) in TX

Yes, that's what he said, word for word. He prays there is "less casualty", and yet he ( really the administration et al.) does nothing to see this prayer become reality. Our troops are fighting a war against an enemy whose identity our guys don't even know. Shiites, Sunnis, Iranians, Fedayin? We're not sending more desperately needed reinforcements. We have no real battle plan for this type of warfare. We have an arbitrary, politically-timed "turn over" of June 30. THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT TO TURN OVER TO. THERE IS NO IRAQI ARMY TO DEFEND THAT GOVERNMENT IF THERE WERE.

In "The War On Terra", the main problem is, we still have a Cold War military apparatus. Not our troops, not our mechs, but the bureaucracy, the establishment, they are all about 20 years behind. We are attempting to fight a war as if our enemy was one nation, one group. There is no one to declare war on, there is no one to negotiate with. We are dealing with animals now.

Saddam was bad, he should've been taken out, but we are in deep my friends. If this DOESN'T escalate to WW3 (which I think it will when we begin attacking Syria and Lebanon) we'll still have troops in Iraq well after I'm dead. There is no good way out of this. Moreover, there is no way out period. Vietnam? Nah. It's worse than that. And regardless of what you may think, it's not even all Bush's fault. Shocking, no?

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