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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Something I agree with Kerry On

Yeah, shocking, no? He gave the Dem's radio address Saturday. Among his usual rantings, he complained about the Bush Administration sending our troops out unprepared and underfunded. Well Johny, you finally nailed one.

I picked up on this and posted it a week or so ago, but now Kerry's caught up with me.

In his own words (MOST of which I basically agree with):

Kerry challenged the Bush administration Saturday to reimburse the families of U.S. troops "who had to buy the body armor" needed for protection in Iraq.

"If I am president, I will be prepared to use military force to protect our security, our people and our vital interests," (nice thought, but he won't be pres and he wouldn't do it)

"But I will never send our troops into harm's way without enough firepower and support." (nice idea, where have I heard that before....oh yeah..ME)

Kerry said tens of thousands of troops arrived in Iraq "to find that - with danger around every corner - there wasn't enough body armor to protect them." Many families purchased the equipment and had it sent overseas, he added. (Yeah, we know that already, I'm just pointing out that some folks other than you and I are catching on)

"Families should be sending pictures and care packages to Iraq - and the Department of Defense should be sending the body armor." (Right on)

Kerry also called on the president to support a bill he has introduced in the Senate to reimburse families for their purchase of body armor. Similar legislation is pending in the House. He went on to say that acting Army Secretary Les Brownlee had testified before Congress that U.S. forces were "not prepared" for the present conflict in Iraq and they didn't have the preparation and hardware they needed to fight as effectively as they could. In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Brownlee was asked why the Army took so long to produce adequate numbers of upgraded body armor and Humvees with extra armor plating.

And finally, Kerry said, "We hear reports that - in dangerous parts of Iraq - our helicopters are flying missions without the best available anti-missile system."

Maybe because you and all your Lefty friends voted against those systems? Hmmm?? Yeah, I thought you'd say that

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