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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

My Apologies

Well guys and gals, as you may have noticed, i was WAY off on this Democratic nominee thing. And I apologize. I usually hit this stuff pretty close. Now I don't claim some preternatural psychic ability; I just understand how this stuff works. As I said, I screwed this one up. But I realize now, why I screwed up.

You see friends, candidates are chosen buy anointing, not voting. That’s the just the way it works. That’s why I was able to call the election so early in 2000. I could read when GW was anointed, and it was obvious that he would win. I knew he would win the nom, and the Presidency. Now, granted it was a lot closer in the Presidential race than even I expected, but he won. Here’s where I missed the boat this year. In the 2000 race, I called the results in mid 1999. That was when the winner was chosen. However, this time, I waited until nearly the end of 03 to make my pick.

As it is, the anointing process happened much earlier, just like in 99. But I wasn’t paying attention. Kerry was THE man back in mid 03, before the maverick candidate, Dean, came in. Kerry was picked, he was the darling, he was the candidate. Then the time came to make it look real.

This follows almost the exact pattern of the 00 race. Bush was the EARLY pick. Then enter the maverick. In this case of course, it was John McCain. It was already decided that Bush was the winner, but the media flocked to McCain, just like they did with Dean, to make it all appear legit. The only real difference between 00 and 04 is that McCain actually competed in the primaries, where as Dean, well, you know.

At any rate, again, I apologize for my mistake and I’ll try not to let it happen again. Kerry will of course be the nominee, though I’m quite unclear who the VP pick will be. I’m guessing on Edwards, but there are many options, and no clear direction. Not that it matters. Bush will win in a close but substantial victory, setting up the Hillary for 08 campaign. Which, I believe, she will win.

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