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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

NEWSFLASH! Bill O'Reilly is a liar!

Yes, a shocking claim I know, but his ceaseless book-hawking has lead to lying! He claimed today on the Today show that he was "up against Hillary [Clinton] for most copies of nonfiction books sold this year. Well, as you can see by the chart below from BOOKSCAN (considered THE authority on such rankings, and usually considered to get 70-80% of books sold) he is FAR from the truth. He even trails Al Franken.


With two weeks to go for 2003:


1. South Beach Diet Dr. Arthur Agatston 2,304,608 [units scanned]
2. Purpose Driven Life Warren 1,507,902
3. Living History Clinton 1,084,520
4. Ultimate Weight Solution McGraw 836,043
5. Lies and The Lying Liars Franken 674,024
6. Who's Looking Out for You O'Reilly 430,407
7. Benjamin Franklin Isaacson 384,137
8. Dude, Where's My Country Moore 365,519
9. Treason Coulter 364,848
10. Fly Boys Bradley 222,685
11. Short History of Nearly Everything Bryson 217,591
12. Moneyball Lewis 210,108
13. Royal Duty Burrell 159,261
14. Who's Your Caddy? Reilly 151,978
15. Every Second Counts Armstrong 145,183
16. World According to Mr. Rogers 141,405
17. Madame Secretary Albright 122,167
18. New Cookbook, BH&G Better Homes & Gardens 118,230
19. Merriam Websters Dictionary 115,185
20. Bushwacked Ivans 110,000

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