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Monday, December 29, 2003


Yeah, abortion. I am not a one issue voter. I don't really care about abortion. Ideally, yes, there would be no abortions. Of course, ideally, 12 year olds would not get pregnant, and we wouldn't have 140 trillion billion people on Earth. However, sometimes another issue gets involved with abortion. This issue I do hold very strong opinions about, I like to call this opinion "hate". Hypocrisy is what I'm talking about here people.

Lacey Peterson. She was killed. She was 8 months pregnant. Those are facts. Her husband is being charged with two murders. That is a fact. (I’ll not get into guilt/innocence here, I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care) Now we enter the problem. At 8 months, a mother may abort the “fetus” (that’s what I’ll call the baby/tissue/whatever for the sake of this writing, regardless of age, until it is birthed). She is not punished. She is consoled. If I take a knife, and stab the same woman in the abdomen and the pregnancy is terminated, I charged with whatever the appropriate assault charge may be against the woman. However, it doesn’t end there. In most jurisdictions I would also be charged with murder. Murder of whom? The fetus of course. Yes, the very same fetus the mother could kill with impunity.

I doubt I’m the only person noticing this paradox in our legal system, but no one else seems to be talking about it. Thus, this writing. The above situation remains the same regardless of the term of the fetus, up until a few months after conception. I do not know the exact term of the earliest fetus who was “murdered”, but I do know that it was prior to viability. So here’s the question. How is it that a fetus may be killed by two different people, possibly even two with the same motive (they just don’t want the baby), and yet one may walk away with only depression, whilst the other sits in a jail cell?

There is a simple answer here. Someone MUST set a scientifically defined time where a fetus is considered a human. After this time, any damage to it should be considered as if it were an actual child. Not being well versed in biology and anatomy etc, I offer no postulated time period. But I know someone out there can.

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