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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Let me try to put this to rest too

I know all you Conservatives AND Lefties want Hillary to run this year. The right, because they want to see her crushed by Bush. ANd the left, because they know none of the 9 useless-eaters vying for the spot have a chance. Well, it's not gonna happen.

Of course she's going to Iowa. She's there to remind everyone who's really in charge, but she knows better than to run this year. She's smart enought to know that Bush is not beatable in '04. She's building political capital for '08 where (most likely) she'll be facing Jeb Bush for the White House. Trust me, she'll get the nomination in '08. So guys, right and left, you'll just have to wait.

As for '04, I reiterrate my previous statements from April 29. Dean gets the nod. We'll probably see a Wesley Clark veep run, but it doesn't matter. They'll lose fairly handily.

But watch closely for the next few years. '08 is gonna be a blast.

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